Tile provides almost infinite style and decorating variety. There’s practically an endless range of styles available and the ability to combine them within a floor plan offers even wider design options. Tile is durable, long-lasting and works well with in-floor radiant heating systems.


  • Endless variety of styles, textures and colors
  • Durable surface that can last for years
  • Flexibility in where it can be used – above, at or below grade
  • Low maintenance requirements (sweeping and damp mopping)
  • Works well with radiant floor heating systems
  • Resistant to stains and wear and won’t fade, burn or melt
  • More easily repaired than other floor types (individual tiles can be replaced)
  • Cost effective (life-cycle vs. cost)
  • Has good “thermal mass” properties that help with heating and cooling
  • Won’t dent or scratch like wood can or develop impressions like resilient flooring


  • Grout lines can trap dirt and/or stain and can also be a hindrance to wheelchairs and wheeled walkers
  • Hard surface can break dropped items and be uncomfortable to stand on for long periods of time (non-resilient)
  • Can be a cold surface during cooler periods of the year if not used in conjunction with an underfloor radiant heat or passive (solar) heating system
  • Glossy and smooth tile surfaces (as opposed to matte finishes) are slippery either wet or dry and present a slipping hazard