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You’ll appreciate the latest innovations in vinyl flooring. They provide a cost effective alternative to hardwood and laminate flooring and come in a variety of styles to suit any room in your home.

Vinyl floors offer:

  • Unlimited design options – match any decor
  • Ease of maintenance – no hassles with mopping
  • Good durability – even in traffic areas
  • Broad range of costs – fits all budgets
  • Extremely moisture resistant – for wet area use
  • Unlimited usage – use in any room of the home
  • Longer lasting than carpet

Vinyl flooring  has come a long way since it first rose to popularity during the 1950’s.  Vinyl flooring has maintained its appeal  as a cost effective alternative to both hardwood and ceramic tile, in large part due to its durability, water resistance and affordability. Vinyl is frequently used in high traffic areas in commercial spaces and its versatility,  large variety of styles and colors lends itself to  virtually any space in residential homes. As technology has improved  manufacturers have also responded to some of the inherent problems of vinyl flooring with the introduction of “floating” vinyl floors, which flex with homes and reduce noticeable seams or flooring imperfections.

At Queens Palace Carpet and Floor we offer the finest quality of vinyl floors, from the leading manufacturers, at the best prices. We also have the most experienced installers in the area.